Our President,
Belinda Watkins

I am honored and excited to serve as the President of the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce. The Hempstead Chamber will work as a team to improve the economic development of our community. We plan to work with the Incorporated Village of Hempstead government, Hempstead Community Development Agency, County and Town officials, Nassau Chamber of Commerce, African American chamber, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses and many more. The Chamber will provide our members with relevant events, promote networking, and business educational workshops. The goal is to further the interests of businesses, and to advocate on behalf of the business community.

I am the CEO of Unique in Home for over 8 years which is a home care agency. I am also a board member of the Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce. As an active member on the NCCC board I can share resources with the Hempstead chamber. The information provided will help our Incorporated Village of Hempstead businesses.

The Hempstead Chamber of Commerce objective is to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, and civic needs and interests of the Village of Hempstead. Through membership in the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce, you are investing in your own welfare and success. We invite residents and youth to also join to help improve our community. Finally, please continue to encourage our residents to always shop local.

Thank you,

Belinda Watkins

Hempstead Chamber President,

What We Do

The Chamber is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, educational, civic, and general interests of Hempstead Village and its environs.  We connect and conduct business with our fellow members.

Any business (personal, corporation, partnership, or association) or any professional or any individual located or doing a substantial part of its business in or from Hempstead Village or any resident of Hempstead Village is invited to become a member of our Chamber.  



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