Our President,
Clariona Griffith

I am honored to serve as President of the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce. I have been a resident of the Hempstead Community for the past 40 years as well as a business owner in the community, and I am excited to be able to work with our Hempstead Chamber Commerce Board.

As a team, we plan to work with our community development agencies, local government officials,  Nassau Chamber of Commerce, African American Chamber,  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and local businesses in order to build a strong networking community that will support and create inside and outside community networking opportunities for our local businesses.

As a business owner, I truly understand the hard work, dedication and effort that is put into our community, to provide outstanding customer service and convenience for our local residence.

I would like to thank all the small businesses for their hard work and dedication. The Hempstead Chamber of Commerce looks forward to helping our small businesses by looking for new ways to market, network, advertise and obtain grants and loan opportunities. Finally, we will continue to encourage our residents to always shop local.

Thank you, Clariona Griffith

What We Do

The Chamber is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, educational, civic, and general interests of Hempstead Village and its environs.  We connect and conduct business with our fellow members.

Any business (personal, corporation, partnership, or association) or any professional or any individual located or doing a substantial part of its business in or from Hempstead Village or any resident of Hempstead Village is invited to become a member of our Chamber.  



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